Animal Art Prints

These beautiful animal prints on high-quality paper are printed from original wildlife art by acclaimed British artist, James Hollis. Each modern wildlife print makes the perfect addition to any home.

“I love visiting safari parks and animal sanctuaries to view a wide variety of African animals. My favourites are the large cats in their groups. I can spend hours watching a pride of lions, or a group of leopards interact. Their graceful power and majesty are captivating, and I often try to portray them in my wildlife art. Once, I spent ages watching one particular old lion, waiting for the perfect picture opportunity, only to have it ruined by leaning on my car horn and giving both of us a huge fright!”
One of my life dreams is to travel to Africa and view these wonderful animals in their natural habitat.

Here are some interesting facts about African wildlife:

  • The African continent is home to four of the world’s five fastest land animals. These are the Cheetah, Wildebeest, Lion, and Thomson’s Gazelle.
  • The African male lion can weigh up to 250kg and has a roar that can be heard 8km away.
  • Ostriches are not only the world’s largest bird but also the fastest two-legged animals. When running in short sprints, Ostriches can reach speeds of close to 100km/h.

Each affordable wildlife print is based on an original James Hollis painting. These exotic animal paintings are perfect for all kinds of decor.

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07858 147545

Area of Expertise

Work has sold successfully through a number of online outlets, and is also held in art collections worldwide, I have exhibited in markets, gallery’s in the uk and have also been a BBC wildlife artist finalist in two categories.

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