Original Cow Paintings

These beautiful cow artworks are designed to suit any decor. Each original painting is created on high-quality watercolour paper by British Wildlife artist, James Hollis.

Cow painting inspiration, quote from the artist, James Hollis: –
“I really enjoy painting cows. They are such gentle creatures with expressive, emotive faces, and a calm, but curious nature. I have travelled to many farms and fields in Kent, the “Garden of England” to sketch and photograph. Each cow painting is based on a particular cow I’ve observed and interacted with.”
– The Artist James Hollis

Stunning Highland Cow Art
James is particularly fond of painting Highland cattle. Their long coats and soft colours make for nuanced, interesting artwork. He loves exploring the gentle, powerful nature of these wonderful cows to create beautiful highland cow art.

Over many years of studying and painting cows, James has learnt some fun and amazing facts about them:

  • A cow’s Latin Name is Bos taurus.
  • All cattle descend from a small herd domesticated 10 500 years ago from wild oxen.
  • Cows are social animals and, like people, bond with other cows in their herd, they even have best friends.
  • Cows have four stomachs, and can drink 50 – 70 gallons of water a day, that’s enough to fill a bath!
  • Cows, like humans, are pregnant for nine months before giving birth.

An ideal centrepiece for any home, a stunning gift, or a special purchase to add to your collection, these beautiful cow paintings are perfect for any taste.

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Area of Expertise

Work has sold successfully through a number of online outlets, and is also held in art collections worldwide, I have exhibited in markets, gallery’s in the uk and have also been a BBC wildlife artist finalist in two categories.

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