Original Bird Paintings

Original bird artwork by British wildlife artist, James Hollis. With a chic, modern feel, each painting perfectly suits any decor. These watercolour bird paintings are hand painted on high-quality watercolour paper to capture the richness of colour and textures.

Bird painting inspiration, quote from the artist, James Hollis: – 
“Birdwatching is one of my favourite pastimes. The large oak tree in my back garden provides hours of fascination, watching the variety of birds that pay a visit. From my backyard, I’ve seen robins, a woodpecker, and (unusually) parakeets along with the usual London pigeons. To attract even more birds, I’ve added a bird table to the garden, although the squirrels seem to get the lion’s share! My bird paintings draw from these, and other birds I’m always observing.” 
-The Artist James Hollis

Through many years of spotting and painting birds, James has learnt many interesting facts about them:

  • There are close to 10 000 different bird species worldwide.
  • The hummingbird (Latin name Trochilidae) is the only bird that can fly backwards.
  • Woodpeckers (Latin name Picidae) can have tongues as long as 10 cm.
  • Birds that sleep in trees have tendons in their toes that automatically clench around the branch and keep them from falling.

Stunning bird paintings to complement any collection. Perfect for fans of wildlife and bird art, these original James Hollis paintings suit any interior design.

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Area of Expertise

Work has sold successfully through a number of online outlets, and is also held in art collections worldwide, I have exhibited in markets, gallery’s in the uk and have also been a BBC wildlife artist finalist in two categories.

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